Tuesday, 28 November 2017

These last few months....

I thought it was perfect timing to do a ‘what I did next’ post, seeing as it was back in August I took a step back from blogging.  So what have I been doing since then……

Now this I have actually had to think of!!  Are you finding people always saying ‘isn’t time flying?’ …..well it really is and these last few months have shot past.
August was all about enjoying the weather, when it was sunny that was!  We got Ava into baking when it went a bit rainy, just the basic Cake Mix packs.  But they were great fun, easy to use and childproof!

Bank Holiday weekend was action packed.  It kick started with a UK wedding party for some good friends who were married in Cyprus back in July, a fab night out celebrating and catching up with lots of our friends.

We organised, well Pete took charge mainly, of a big BBQ at our house the following day with our family and friends.  It was a mini reunion Caribbean styled for the Antigua Crew who were with us out there for our wedding 4 years ago.  Luckily, we had the perfect weather for us, so our garden was jam packed and ALL food was eaten!! 

September was Birthday month, Pete and I have our birthdays two days apart.  So of course, we make a week of celebrating!!

I worked for my Birthday and we had a family dinner with my parents in the evening.  On the Saturday for Pete’s we headed off to the Zoo with some friends.  It was a great day, we went to Marwell Zoo and at the time they had their Big Brick Safari live so it was amazing to see all the life size Lego animals.

We ended September with a long weekend away in Croyde for a last of summer much needed break.  We LOVE it down there.  We had super HOT sun on the Saturday and then rain on the Sunday in true British Summer Style.  We won Bingo at the kids disco (I felt a tad competitive!!) so won Ava a toy and the best part – A helium balloon which she loved and then I felt like the worst parent when I took my eye off her for 2 seconds as she let go of the balloon and it flew out of reach – opps!

Autumn kicked in and we were off on Nature Hunts searching for conkers, leaves and sticks!

In October Pete and I celebrated 11 years together and just over 12 years since we first met.  WE also celebrated 4 years in our house and 7 years since we got engaged.  Of course this called for an Instagram post of many photos just to show what we have done in this time - a cat, a wedding, a house and a baby!

Then it was time for a trip to visit some of our good friends in Eastbourne, a weekend planned for months and what happens Storm Barry arrives, he didn't stop up visiting a very windswept seafront and a trip to a farm!

Then it was Halloween, Ava had THREE parties over three days!!

Working life has been super busy, for those who don’t know me I work in Marketing.  So a very fast paced environment.  Always working a few seasons ahead, and working on a few seasons at a time so trying to remember what’s what!?!?!

These last few weeks have been filled with SS18 photoshoots and a very exciting food event.
Alongside these last few weeks, not only have I been working hard on re designing my blog page – what do you think of the new look? But I have also been working hard planning a very special Birthday!!  How is Ava nearly TWO!!!!  Back to those ‘isn’t time flying quotes?’ errrr YES!!  Feels like just yesterday I was overdue and impatiently waiting for an exciting arrival.

As I write this post on the eve of her birthday, I do think back to what I was doing two years ago today at this time.  Well it was Saturday night and I was watching Strictly Come Dancing a week overdue and feeling grumpy…..little did I know that labour was about to start the moment I got into bed that night (great timing Ava!)….
So I best get back to present wrapping, I am sure there will be some special birthday Social Media posts over the next few days.

All photos above from Instagram - @whatnataliedidnext.
Natalie x

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Sometimes you just need to step back for a little while....

I'M BACK!! Ta daaaa with a new look blog design AND my own domain as well....what do you think?

An official welcome to whatnataliedidnext.co.uk....

If you read my last post back in August, or if you are a new reader please read back, then you will know I took a bit of time out from writing.
I hit a wall almost of life getting the better of me....trying to balance being a working mum with a fast paced job, wife and mother to a toddler was just getting crazy.
My job had become very demanding, my weekends seemed jam packed and I just wanted to step back and enjoy time with Ava and Pete too.  All of a sudden she was getting closer to turning two and I was freaking out on where time was going.

When I started my blog two years ago I had more freedom to write and had so many ideas for content. Then earlier this year I worried my posts were boring as I felt I struggled for content ideas as my mind was always buzzing on everything else I had to do. I felt the pressure of the blogging world that I should be full of ideas for posts and publish them regularly.  
Since taking a step back and trying to find a balance I have started following many new bloggers. From fashion bloggers to Mummy bloggers to those who post about a bit of both and its fabulous to see they don't post weekly, they post when they can and in the interim their Instagram feeds are full of what they are doing.
This is where I wanted to be, and I have stepped back, took a breath and realised I wasn't doing a bad job.
I missed my blog, I missed that part of me that was all mine, that I owned and solely managed and could write whatever I wanted.  

So I am back, and this blog post is a HELLO and a please continue to follow.  My posts will continue to be exactly how they were on what I did, what I bought and where I have been.

They might just be once a month or they might be fortnightly but they will be me.

Please do message me on Social Media or comment below if there is anything you would like me to write about or know about me.

Thank you for always following, and Hello if you are new to read my page.

In my next post I will tell you what I have been up to since August....

Natalie x

Saturday, 5 August 2017

I'm going Social....

Here is a blog post about a slight update and change to this page….

My life has significantly changed since returning to work from maternity leave, I am incredibly lucky to now work just four days.  However this is five days work into four.  It is non-stop from the moment I get up to the moment we have dinner and the few hours of free time I get once Ava is in bed is to have dinner, do housework, go to the gym, relax and spend time with Pete, all of which I wouldn't change for the world.  My Fridays I dedicate to Ava and I time, people say over and over again ‘they grow so fast!’ 
Well they really bloomin do, so I just want to embrace every moment I get with her, have fun and watch her change and grow.
With all this in mind, this is the reason behind my decision to step back from writing.  I have decided to take a step back from my Blog and direct all my ‘What Natalie Did Next’ content via Social Media.  I have loved having my Blog and sharing with you my life, becoming a mum, travel, product recommendations and of course all my shopping.  My page will still remain live but I am changing my ‘What Natalie Did Next’ focus onto just social media, mainly Instagram, with all that I love to share and my life stories that you follow on my blog.  I find myself reading more from posts on Instagram that are quick to read rather than sometimes reading a longer blog post. 

My blog is solely me working on it and I am totally honest in saying I struggle to find the time to focus on writing and then promoting my posts.  The time I have I want to dedicate to my Instagram, to have bigger and better posts.  Share even more, post fun Instastories and create interesting quick posts to read.
I want to take the time to thank all my followers and those who read my posts on this page.  I have regular high volumes of traffic to my page each day with you reading my posts from all over the world (which I absolutely love to see).  As well as thanking you for reading I want to direct you over to my social pages to keep in touch, see what I am up to and read my content….and of course be alerted when I do……and I will….come back to writing again on my blog one day. 

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

An overnight sleep sensation....

I have a new product that I LOVE and need to feature….

You may have seen this on my Instagram feed and I also did some Instastory reviews (although downside here is that they vanish after 24 hours).  Therefore lets go back to basics and write a review.

First up….I saved all my Boots Advantage Card Points (bonus of Mum Life with the amount of baby stuff I have to buy which equals extra points as part of the parent scheme!) and treated myself when Soap & Glory had a 1/3 off promotion.  I purchased this new night cream, an eye cream and a 5 in 1 super serum.

I was recommended to try the Soap & Glory Night Flight cream, it was a perfect time to try as at the time I had a long haul flight coming up.
I noticed the difference in my skin in just a few days, it felt less dry and had I felt like it had a healthy glow to it.

I used it the morning of our flight instead of my normal moisturiser, was concerned it might be a bit think and make my skin greasy. I was proved wrong, to me it is impossible to look good after any flight – long or short. Unless you are lucky enough to not fly economy and can invest in all these ‘amazing’ creams and serums you read about for flying....that come with very high price points.
I am proving these articles wrong, at just £14 this cream ticks all boxes for me....whilst flying economy.

My skin felt soft and lovely, not a single dry patch and even though I felt like a zombie inside from travelling my skin felt fresh and to me radiant.

I used it for our return night flight too, and had the same wonderful experience.

Here is what it says from the Boots.com website -

Guaranteed to be an overnight sensation, Soap & Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator™ has elasticity and barrier repair-boosting HIGHDRATION-24H™, and detoxifying OXYGINSENG™ TECHNOLOGY. It floods your skin with moisture; stopping dry, dehydrated skin in its tracks, so you wake up to – or land with – dewy, luminous skin. *Formulated to work intensively for overnight and long haul flights, but is equally effective should you choose to deploy its super healing powers at alternative times/ places.- with powerful rejuvenation boosters- regenerating and repairing dry, dehydrated skin- smoothes, hydrates and luminises- balanced for all skin types
Read more at http://www.boots.com/soap-and-glory-beauty-sleep-accelerator-night-and-flight-moisture-miracle-10160239#y8omYRDJgFlYKeOy.99

Thumbs up all round, it really does all of the above – highly recommend!!

As you may have noticed since I returned to work from Maternity last September I am not posting as much directly on my Blog. My day to day stories are always featured on my Social Media so head over to my Instagram to see more frequent outfits, purchases, reviews on products I love or find, especially follow my Instastories - see them quick before they go!!